Nature finance strategy

Outlining a framework for natural capital investment in Oxfordshire.


We have developed a nature finance strategy which outlines a framework for natural capital investment in Oxfordshire to fund nature's recovery.

The problem

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, and the worst in the G7. Nationally, the government set targets that 30% of England will be managed for nature by 2030, and that tree cover will be increased by 1 million hectares by 2050. However, there exists a £6bn per annum gap in funding to achieve these targets nationally.

What we're doing

We need a transparent and high integrity market that leverages public, private, third-sector and philanthropic investment to fund delivery of environmental enhancement projects to radically enhance nature. Our evolving nature finance strategy describes how this market would be developed and how it would function.

Read our nature finance strategy

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